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Spiral (スパイラル)

An app icon for a mobile productivity app. The project is still in the oven.​​​​​​​

Spiral App Icon (Big)
Spiral App Icon (Other sizes)


Swipify is a small iOS app that cuts wide panoramic photos into smaller ones that then can be recombined as a gallery on Instagram. App icon shows a panoramic photo glyph that has been sliced into multiple parts.​​​​​​​

Swipify App Icon (Big)
Swipify App Icon (Other sizes)

Techapalooza Series

A series of app icons for the annual Techapalooza festival held in Winnipeg, Canada. The event is dedicated to raising funds to help fight cancer.

Techapalooza App Icon Series
Techapalooza 2019 App Icon


An app icon for the small utility iOS app that helps people set up and test iBeacons.

Beaconator Plus App Icon
Beaconator Plus App Icon

PrivatBank Privat24 & Privat24 Business

Refreshed app icons for the bank’s two main apps that are used by their regular and business clients.

PrivatBank Privat24 App Icons
Privat24 App Icon
Privat24 Business

Tim Hortons

An app icon for an unreleased Tim Hortons app.

Tim Hortons App Icon
Tim Hortons App Icon